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Our values and corporate responsibility

Family business

We work as a family. We have a long history since 1891 and a clear direction towards the next hundred years.


We value the durability of our products and our long-term customer relationships. We make durable plans for the long term.


In a world of change, we are able to adapt our operations. When the situation arises, we do decisions quickly.


We treat our customers, colleagues and stakeholders openly, equally and fairly.

Supply Chain

We strive to ensure that our partners in the supply chain of our products respect our values ​​of working conditions, human rights, freedom of association and prohibit child labor and forced labor.


The products we manufacture are durable and long-lasting in use, not disposable products of one season. The leather we use in our production meet the requirements of the EU REACH regulation. Also eg. adhesives, metal parts, etc. are laboratory tested and comply with EU standards.
We recycle and reuse packaging materials and only use the necessary amounts to protect the products.


In addition to the laws and regulations, the working conditions, training opportunities, and policies of our staff and towards our customers and other stakeholders are good and transparent.


Nahkatavara A. Eriksson

Nahkatavara A. Eriksson 4.4.1891

With the attached document, Anders Eriksson founded our company on April 4, 1891. According to the time, the document has been written in Swedish on the map of the Great Duchy of Finland. From the very beginning, our business idea has been to produce and market high quality leather products for Finnish consumers and to this day, this idea has not changed. At an ever-accelerating pace, our company designs individual, fashionable and high-quality leather items such as wallets and card cases. Details, currencies, and fashions are changing, but our business idea remains the same. Always aim at individual and good customer service. In recent years, our company has also expanded to represent a number of international branded products whose bag collections we represent in the Finnish market.

Anders Eriksson

Anders Eriksson founded a company with its name in 1891, which originally produced, among other things horses harness in their own shop and sold them forward in the same saddle shop. The place was on the Turku Puutori and the shop operated in the same premises for over 90 years, developing over the years from the saddle shop to the retail of leather goods and bags.

Yrjö Lehtonen

In 1928 the ownership was transferred to Anders Eriksson’s nephew Yrjö Lehtonen (who changed the Swedish surname back to the original Finnish). Activities continued and continued to develop. The war years, of course, had an effect on the activity and the horses made space for the cars, too, the focus on the leather products began to move bags and purses.

Olavi Lehtonen

In 1955, Orvo and Olavi, the sons of Yrjö Lehtonen, took over the business. Orvo Lehtonen served as Managing Director and in the 1960s another retail store was opened. Olavi Lehtonen started his career in the company as a little boy, delivering ordered products among others. When he moved to management in 1955, along with his brother Orvo Lehtonen, Olavi worked as sales manager. In his turn, sales began to expand into a larger area and in 1960 a separate “Wholesale Department” was established, which also began to import bags and fashion from the world. Pretty fast our products were sold all over the country.

Orvo Lehtonen

When Orvo Lehtonen retired in the 1980s, the ownership was transferred to Olavi Lehtonen. In the late 1980s, own retail business was discontinued.

Rami Lehtonen

In the early 1990s, Rami Lehtonen came to continue his father’s work, Olavi Lehtonen. Our products range is constantly being developed, and branded products have been made more distinct. Traditional imports have been replaced by branded representations. In the 21st century, roots were re-established and own bag stores were opened, the operation of which was differentiated as BAG STAGE. As part of the timepiece, the shops are located in the Mylly shopping center in Raisio and Skanssi in Turku.

A. Eriksson Oy

Since 1891